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USRail Pro Application

USRail Home Menu Screen

The Home Menu screen is the first screen that is displayed when the USRail application begins.

USRail Menu Options:
1.  "Plan a Trip" Plan a trip using Leaving or Arriving date/time.  Transfer control to Search screen.
2.  "You Are Here" View a Rail Map to help in your trip planning.  Transfer control to Rail Map screen.
3.  "Track Trip" Search for train routes and track a current trips progress.  Transfer control to Find your Trip screen.

USRail Tab Bar Options:
1.  "Home" Transfer to the USRail Home Menu screen.
2.  "Favorites" Transfer to the USRail Favorites screen.
3.  "Search" Transfer to USRail Search screen.

The author of the USRail application does not guarantee the accuracy or integrity of the information in the application. The author is not responsible for any cases of damage caused by using this application.

USRail is neither endorsed by nor in any way affiliated with National Railroad Passenger Corporation or

The application does not take into account exception or holiday schedules.
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